The three-day workshop organised by NCC Slovenia and its partner LECAD lab, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, is aimed at researchers, engineers, students and others interested in CFD and OpenFOAM (OF). Basic and advanced applications of the open source fluid simulation system OpenFOAM will be presented. The workshop will take place over three consecutive mornings via the Zoom system (zoom link will be published shortly).

Description: The three-day workshop includes a presentation of the basic and advanced OpenFOAM usage, with explanation of programming of new sets within the framework. The basic part includes steps of making a mesh, setting boundary / initial conditions, running the problem on the HPC system and reviewing the results. The advanced part covers more complex cases with advanced application usage. What is not covered in the OpenFOAM can be upgraded within the software environment with the implementation of your own code. Showcases and hands-on cases will be presented.

For students, academics and industry professionals who want to learn about the OpenFOAM open source CFD platform.

The training takes place online, in the morning. The interactive work is done through remote access to the HPC system at ULFS.

After the training you will : 

  • Be able to connect to HPC@ULFS with NoMachine client and work in HPC Linux environment,
  • Understand the theoretical background of the Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD), esspecially of the Finite Volume Method (FVM),
  • Be able to set up CFD mesh using different open source programs for CFD mesh design (OF – Block Mesh, GMSH),
  • Be able to setup complete OF case (mesh, pysical model, inital and boundary conditions, …),
  • Be able to setup and run various OF cases in parallel on an HPC cluster,

Be able to preview and post-process OF results.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Language: according to the applications

Conveners: Dr. Pavel Tomšič, Dr. Aleksander Grm

Agenda, registration form and more info is also available at: