Croatian Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing (HR HPC CC) provides end users from scientific and higher education communities, various industries and public administrations access to innovative solutions adapted to the level of maturity of national and European High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure.

HR HPC CC helps strengthen existing and develop new national competencies for High-Performance Computing (HPC), High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) and the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About us

HR HPC CC was established under the National Competence Centres in the Framework of EuroHPC (EuroCC) project as part of a network of national competence centres for HPC in 33 member states of the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU).

Following Croatian institutions are participating in the EuroCC project:

Our portfolio of HPC/HPDA/AI services includes:

  • Creating educational materials;
  • Providing information on available courses and workshops in Croatia and the European Union;
  • Assistance in selecting computer resources and software;
  • Support for accessing HPC resources in Croatia and the European Union;
  • Assistance in using HPC resources;
  • Support for drafting project subsidy applications;
  • Technology transfer and operational development (addressing business challenges with HPC/HPDA/AI resources, support for Test before invest / PoC programmes);
  • Connecting with competent professionals.