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The French NCC: CC-FR, dedicated to HPC, HPDA and AI technologies, brings together the community of technology providers and users from academia, research institutions, public administration and industry. CC-FR federates the HPC, HPDA and AI ecosystem and supports industry on the use of intensive computing, high-performance data analysis and artificial intelligence.

CC-FR offers a wide portfolio of services to help you to set up and implement your HPC, HPDA and AI enabled projects.

CC-FR webisite: France National Competence Centre in HPC

CC-FR portfolio of services

CC-FR, set up within the framework of EuroHPC, is managed by the European Pole of Competence in high performance digital simulation Teratec, in association with the European Center for Advanced Research and Training in Scientific Computing Cerfacs and with the participation of the Big National Equipment Intensive Computing  Genci and theNetwork of 21 Mesocentres.

CC-FR permits at academia, research institutions, public administration and industry to have access with muticriteria search to:

+200 innovation players
+290 trainings(103 graduate trainings, 101 continuing trainings and 56 MOOC)
+110 job offers
+70 events
+42 existing & emerging HPC architecture
+17 specialized magazines

CC-FR supports industry in the use of HPC, HPDA and AI through a tailor-made and local support program, with dedicated funding and a network of 21 Mesocentres.

This tailor-made program allows to help you to develop your R&D with a “Local and tailor-made support”.

The support is realized in 3 phases: audit, consulting and development.

To support your to develop your project, CC-FR gives you access to:

+HPC, HPDA and AI ecosystem
+scientific and technical expertise adapted to your needs +the possibility of co-developing a solution with a research laboratory
+unique computing resources, with its regional network of 21 Mesocentres
+dedicated French funding

In order to disseminate these technologies as widely as possible and to raise users’ awareness by giving them access to information, training, skills and services, the CC-FR centre has developed the CC-FR Marketplace dedicated to HPC, HPDA and AI. CC-FR Marketplace bring technology providers and users closer together. Users, Technoproviders, this Marketplace is made for you:

+Users, you can have access to all the skills, expertises and solutions you need: training, events, jobs, services, solutions, access to computing power
+Techno-providers, you can reference and promote your service offerings, training and activities.

By joining the CC-FR Marketplace you will join a unique HPC, HPDA and AI network of experts, academics and industry . You will have access to:

+Marketplace User Profiles
+CC-FR Profiles of registered organizations
+Offers from registered organizations (training, service offers, events, job offers….)

Technology providers, users, industrialists, academics: Join the CC-FR ecosystem and reveal your full potential. It is a structuring opportunity for the whole community at the local, national and European levels. Indeed, through the 33 European competence centres, CC-FR will promote your events, training and service offerings on a European scale.

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