NCC Estonia

The mission of the Estonian National Competence Centre is to promote the use of high performance computing in science, academia, industry, manufacturing and the provision of public services. By mapping the HPC/Big Data/AI competences at national level, we will identify the needs and available competences in the Estonian HPC ecosystem. Our ultimate aim is to coordinate all HPC/Big Data/AI-related activities at the national level. 

International cooperation plays an important role in our operations and strategy. Estonia is a member of the LUMI supercomputer consortium. In addition, we have close ties to Nordic countries via the H2020 EOSC-Nordic project and the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC).

The NCC Estonia is established on the basis of the Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure (ETAIS), a consortium representing the national HPC infrastructure. ETAIS is an institution made up of four parties including all major Estonian HPC providers (University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, and National Institute of Chemical Physics & Biophysics) together with the Education and Youth Board.

One of the key objectives of the NCC activity is to help improve the competitiveness of the European economy. We collaborate with the AI & Robotics Estonia hub (AIRE) and the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu to enhance interaction with industry and SMEs and raise public awareness of the benefits that HPC can provide.

Services available through the NCC Estonia:

  • Access to national HPC and data storage resources.
  • Access to LUMI, the EuroHPC flagship supercomputer located in Finland.
  • User support.
  • Cluster computing trainings and user-specific software trainings for both academic users and SMEs.
  • Providing consultations to new and existing HPC users.
  • Support for application to funding initiatives.
  • Technology transfer
  • Proof of concepts.

More information about the NCC Estonia and our events can be found on our website. In order to get access to the HPC computing resources, contact the University of Tartu’s HPC centre.

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