The EuroCC National Competence Centers (NCCs) represent the single point of contact at national level for technology transfer in High Performance Computing (HPC), High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is High Performance Computing in easy words? What is the added value in the real economy applications? How to assess whether it is the case to apply these technologies to a business problem or better not? What is the level of expertise required to use these technologies? Have you got experience in applying High Performance Computing in my industrial sector?

We at EuroCC could support you!
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Here we can help you in terms of:

  • Learning pills and events around what is High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence all about, and why your organization should care.
  • Workshops on successful applications of High Performance Computing and related technologies and on the quantitative benefits generated by their employment.
  • Bootcamps and hackathons on specific technological applications in High Performance Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence involving and engaging your staff or project team.

Want to know more? Please visit our Events and Resources areas! You may also get in touch directly with your local Nactional Competence Centre (find the contacts in the competence map above) and check the local events and resources!


We offer tailored solutions for different training needs, for example in terms of:

  • Competence autonomy of your organization.
  • Digital and cultural transformation of your organization.
  • All-you-need learning opportunities on High Performance Computing, including programming languages, code optimization and porting, optimization of hardware use, hardware (and cloud) choice, etc.
  • Deep dives in High Performance Data Analysis applied to High Performance Computing environments, including orchestrators, cryptography and security issues, among other.
  • Artificial Intelligence in High Performance Computing, with the research frontier on privacy preserving analytics, and much more.

Want to know more? Visit our page dedicated to training!


Whether you‘re a High Performance Computing beginner or pro, we offer various services in terms of technological assessment and technology transfer, for instance we can support you with:

  • Consultancy on the opportunity to adopt HPC, HPDA and AI solutions to approach a problem.
  • Support on the design of the technical infrastructure to host the project.
  • Consultancy on the security measures necessary for privacy preserving as well as IP protection requirements.
  • Expert consultancy on the selection of hardware, software, software tools and algorithms for resource demanding

The Consultancy services are provided locally and go from assessment to specific use cases.You can also check our collection of success stories.

Want to know more? Get in touch directly with your local National Competence Center – find the contacts in the competence map above! You may also write us an e-mail via our contact form in the footer!


If you need assistance on a how to apply High Performance Computing in business contexts, we offer help in terms of:

  • Support in finding partners in projects or finding calls to experiment a given idea; support to apply to calls and to master the funding opportunities.
  • Feasibility study and analysis of the business impacts of technologies, to support your entity to decide if and how to embrace High Performance Computing and related technologies in your projects.
  • Skills and expertise to transform your business needs into technical requirements.
  • Management of all relevant aspects and areas that impact a project on a supercomputing environment.

Our experience and expertise span throughout different sectorial and application domains.

We have years of experience with High Performance Computing in different companies and projects! You may check our success story database to find interesting in depths.

Want to know more? Get in touch directly with your local National Competence Center (find the contacts in the competence map above) or write us an e-mail via our contact form in the footer!


An expert guide for your organization who navigates you through the possibilities available in terms of:

  • Different hardware (i.e.: use of accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs) and software facilities (commercial software, pros and cons of the different programming languages, etc.).
  • Use of computing resources, of storage resources and ready to use tools (from software solutions to workflows, from data preparation tools to orchestrators).
  • Use of data analysis solutions and machine learning algorithms.

Our services include utilities for data migration and storage, allocation of computing hours, available helper tools and much more!

Want to go deeper? Get in touch directly with your local National Competence Center (find the contacts in the competence map above) or check our video library to get inspired!


The kind and level of competences necessary to support end-users vary depending on the end-user level of expertise in High performance Computing and related technologies.

To help you find what you are looking for, we’ve assessed each competence with regard to the users level of experience. Choose the category that represents your level of expertise (the level of expertise of your entity) at best (or leave the field empty, when in doubt).

High Performance Computing Champions: Experts in High Performance Computing technologies
High Performance Computing Users: Users of High Performance Computing technologies (beginners to intermediate)
High Performance Computing Ready: Users who are potential High Performance Computing users but never used HPC before
Digitally Ready: Users who already digitalized some of their processes but are not aware of benefits using High Performance Computing or associated technologies
Digitalization Needed: Stakeholders in need of digitalization