Each day of the workshop will be dedicated to a specific topic – achievements and prospects, best practices in Europe on training and education, as well as oven-ready HPC applications. During the scientific workshop, participants will be introduced to opportunities given by HPC at different centers of excellence in Europe as well as achievements in Latvia. Practical examples for using the HPC will be given as well.

We invite everyone to take part in the workshop – scientists and other members of academia, public sector representatives, as well as industry . The event is planned on-site at “Avalon hotel Riga” (Address: 13th January street 19, Riga, Latvia), however, there will be a possibility to join via Zoom platform. The link will be sent to registered participants who will have chosen the option to participate remotely.

In order to take part, please register first.


October 4 – Achievements and prospects 

Experts from Latvia, Germany, and Sweden will cover HPC application possibilities at European excellence centres- biomolecular research (BioExcel CoE), computational materials science (NOMAD CoE), and artificial intelligence in engineering applications (CoE RAISE). Professor Andris Ambainis from University of Latvia will explain, what can we do with a quantum computer. Participants will also be informed about European Digital Innovation Hubs in Latvia.

October 5 – HPC Education and Training

The whole day will be dedicated to the best practices and exchange of experiences in training and education on-site and online, as well as e-learning monitoring, etc. Experts from NCC Croatia will share experiences in organizing online training. At the end of the day, Kjartan Thor Wikfeldt from ENCCS (Sweden) will give a 3h workshop on best practices in online and in-person training, especially on technical topics.

October 6 –  Oven-ready HPC applications: download and use

The third day will be dedicated to practical examples of HPC use (demo cases). In addition to this,  industry, academia, and public sector representatives who would like to start using supercomputers will be given presentations on technological and environmental process modeling as well as artificial intelligence in order to understand the essence and gain support in starting to use new technologies.

A more detailed program is available here.

The scientific workshop has been organized by HPC Competence Centre in Latvia “SuperS” within the EuroHPC project EuroCC in collaboration with Riga Technical University’s HPC Centre and the Institute of Numerical Modeling at the University of Latvia.