EuroCC Montenegro and UDG took part in the organization of the 26th International Conference on Information Technology, IEEE IT2022. This scientific-professional gathering, which has been organized for 26 years, aims at a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of current events in the field of information and communication technologies. The conference was organized in a hybrid setting this year. More information about the conference is available here.

At this year’s Conference, presentations of scientific and professional papers, results of international research projects and a two-day EuroCC workshop entitled “2nd High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Workshop” were organized. The main topics of IT 2022 discussed at this year’s conference are the development and application of information and communication technologies in all spheres of science, education, industry and society in general. Over 30 scientific papers were presented at the conference, including papers in the field of the Internet of Things, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. The conference and workshop were attended by about 100 participants.

Successful wrap up of the 26th IEEE IT conference IT2022

EuroCC project was presented by Dr Luka Filipovic in the session dedicated to presentation of project results for the projects implemented in Montenegro and the region. Besides EuroCC itself, in this session Mr Stevan Cakic gave a presentation of AIMHiGH project that is done in the context of H2020 FF4EuroHPC experiments and EuroCC/UDG is a partner. This session took place on 16 February 2022.

The EuroCC workshop was opened on the first day by Prof. dr Milica Vukotić, dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, UDG while the moderator was doc. Dr. Tomo Popović, UDG. The workshop was attended by lecturers from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Cyprus, and the topics were: “Activities of EuroCC Montenegro National Competence Center”, “HPC and success stories from Fortissimo Experiments”, “Adjusting XGBoost hyperparameters” for structured data sets “, and the final topic of the first day was” Development of computer vision for smart farms with the help of artificial intelligence “.

On the second day of the EuroCC workshop we had presenters from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Montenegro gave presentations on high performance computing and the Montenegrin industry while at the end of the conference UDG students presented their projects in the field of HPC and artificial intelligence.

Hybrid setting of the EuroCC Workshop during IEEE 2022

This event was organized in a hybrid setting where we had around 10-15 attendees at the UDG (EuroCC Montenegro), and over 40 attendees via Zoom. The workshop was split into 4 afternoon sessions spread over two days on 17-18 February. The workshop was attended by the representatives of Montenegrin academia and students (UDG, UCG), industry, and partners. In four sessions dedicated to paper presentations, there was over 30 papers presented, several of which were related to AI and machine learning. The program agenda is available here.

Paper on the use of AI/ML for Parking Occupancy Detection

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