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  • Welcome, NCC Turkey!

    Welcome, NCC Turkey!

    NCC Turkey has been coordinating activities to create collaboration between academia and industry for HPC solutions on different topics ranging from modern computing tools to applied subjects. To create awareness on HPC among SMEs weekly seminars have been held online. The SME case studies have been initialised through the academic consultancies and NCC Turkey monitors…

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  • Welcome, NCC Luxembourg!

    Welcome, NCC Luxembourg!

    EuroCC Luxembourg is now online: The Luxembourg National Competence Centre in High-Performance Computing just launched its brand new webpage. Check it out at the >link. We also freshly landed on LinkedIn! Don’t miss the chance to follow us! It’s free of charge 😉 check it >here

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  • Criminological research at NCC Belgium

    Criminological research at NCC Belgium

    The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC), part of NCC Belgium, highlights the remarkable achievement by Christophe Vandeviver from Ghent University in criminological research. He uses supercomputers to study how burglars select their targets. 

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  • Text-to-speech at Swedish NCC

    Text-to-speech at Swedish NCC

    Voxo AB and ENCCS awarded SHAPE to build Swedish text-to-speech capabilities using state-of-the-art HPC GPUs. Voxo AB is a Stockholm-based startup that specializes in extracting, analysing, and visualising voice data. >Learn more

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  • Teratec Forum at NCC France

    Teratec Forum at NCC France

    Teratec Forum brings together top international experts in High Performance Computing, Simulation and Big Data, as a reference event in France and in Europe in this field. The Teratec Forum welcomes more than 1 300 attendees from 22. – 24. June, highlighting the momentum from usages of HPC/HPDA technologies, amongst a particularly vivid European and…

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  • EuroCC at LUMI Roadshow

    EuroCC at LUMI Roadshow

    To prepare LUMI’s potential future users for the new supercomputer, the LUMI consortium countries have organised a series of LUMI roadshow/kick-off events and webinars throughout Europe. The roadshows and kick-off were part of the participating EuroCC NCCs’ activities. Read more and check out the next LUMI roadshow dates! >Learn more

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  • NCC Austria at B2B Business Days

    NCC Austria at B2B Business Days

    In a Workshop on the 10th of May about High Performance Computing you will learn about the possibilities of industrial application of High Performance Computing (HPC) and the service offering of the national competence centers of Czech Republic, Germany and Austria within the European wide EuroCC initiative. >Learn more

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  • NCC Croatia at SRCE

    NCC Croatia at SRCE

    >Croatian HPC Competence Centre (NCC Croatia) and its activities will be presented at the conference >SRCE E-infrastructure Days 2021 which will be held online on 28th and 29th of April. SRCE DEI 2021 is also a conference of the national strategic project >Croatian Science and Education Cloud (HR-ZOO).“

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