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On this page you’ll find the recordings and slides of all CASTIEL Studio Sessions and Workshops on BSCW, linked.

PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are confidential, so please only give them to people within the NCCs.

DateTitle of EventLink to BSCW
A way of mapping competences at national level proposed by Spain (°)
29/06/2021A video Index & search tool implemented by the Polish NCC (*)
21/09/2021HPDA: use cases and experiences from Finland and Italy
27/09/2021Edge computing in EuroCC
12/11/2021Training Sarus Towards HPC performance for portable containers
12/11/2021Training Firecrest for RESTful HPC
21/01/2022Artificial Intelligence on HPC took
15/03/2022The ecosystems of HPC and Big Data/AI: what can they learn from each other
28/10/2021Outreach and Collaboration with Industry and Public Sectorclick here
09/09/2021Quantum Computingclick here
25/09/2021HPC, HPDA and AI Applied to Industrial Use Casesclick here
11/02/2022Programming Best Practices and Industrial Software Development
07/03/2022HPC Disruptive Technologies
15/12/2020First Industry Working Group meeting/workshop to share the 1st industry questionnaire main resultsclick here
16/02/2021Industry Working Group workshop with JU representativesclick here
18/03/2021Industry Working Group workshop about EU initiatives wrt. funding opportunities for industryclick here
15/04/2021Industry Working Group workshop about DIHs and EDIHsclick here
17/06/2021Industry Working Group workshop about Best Practices with regards to services offeringsclick here
20/09/2021Industry Working Group workshop about licensing and softwareclick here
08/11/2021Kick-off the Task Force T4.3 – Transnational access to services click here
09/03/20222nd Industry working group about the Task Force T4.3 results and proposal about the Cluster toolclick here
January-February 2022
“Short discussions” sessions & “industry topics” survey with the Industry Working Group in January-February 2022:
Complete report with all detailed results

Short documents created to highlight the main key outcomes:
Templates & forms list
Summary notes “Key figures wrt industry”
Summary notes “Access & security”
Summary notes “Instruments & tools”
Summary notes “Key elements wrt industry interactions”

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Recurring“CoEs meet NCC” sessionsclick here