Facilitating and enhancing access of industrial actors to large-scale, high-performance computational resources is one of the pillars of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and EuroCC National Competence Centres are key in developing awareness for these resources in the industrial sector. We are happy to announce that Northvolt, a world leader in the field of battery production and development, has been awarded development access to the VEGA petascale supercomputer.

Deep dive into the building of the LUMI data center – The data center for LUMI at Renforsin Ranta business park in Kajaani, Finland, has undergone a complete transformation from an empty former paper mill hall to one of the world’s most ecological data centers, and will soon be ready to welcome LUMI.

“Alps” system to advance research across climate, physics, life sciences with 7x more powerful AI capabilities than current world-leading system for AI on MLPerf. The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and NVIDIA today announced that they are creating what is expected to be the world’s most powerful AI-capable supercomputer.

Introducing Komondor: Named after a breed of Hungarian livestock guardian dog, the next Hungarian supercomputer is expected to be operational in early 2022, with an estimated peak performance of min....

HPC Vega, the first of the EuroHPC systems, has passed the technical acceptance phase and been unveiled to the public. Hosted at the Institute of Information Science in Maribor, Slovenia,...

February 17 was dedicated to an online event called LUMI Roadshow. IT4Innovations presented the LUMI supercomputer and the possibility to obtain its computational resources. On the occasion of this event,...


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